1.2 Make observations

Open the Quentic App on your phone or tablet. Log in with your username and password and select any form that is activated to your account. When you click the form's name for the first time, you need to choose the project or site you want to report to. You will see the listing of sites/projects that are visible to you. Select one of them and you're good to go.

How to fill the forms?

All forms in Quentic App include different types of components such as drop-down-lists, text fields, date fields etc. When filling the form, you can choose the best corresponding options from the drop-down-lists and write detailed descriptions to the text fields.

Tasks and how to assign them?

Tasks are smaller entities that have connection with the observation. You can add comments and pictures to a task which you'll find by opening the "Photos and comments" or "Pictures and tasks" ribbon. Write your comment to the comment field, take a photo with your device and add it to the picture field.

You can assign the task to your colleague by writing her/his email address to the Responsibility -section. After writing the email address you have to confirm it so that it will appear as a tag above the email address field (see picture below).

If you want to set a deadline for the task, it can be done here. You can also pin the task to a certain location by pressing this blue arrow button. You can erase the coordinates by pressing the red trash bin button.

Then save the details and press "Continue" in the upper right corner.

Remember to send the observation

Now you can either save or send the observation. Saving it will allow you to modify the observation later. Observation will be saved only to your device. You still have to remember to send it without signing out of Quentic App. All unsent observations will be lost if you sing out without sending them. 

Sending will move it to the next step in the process. You will receive a copy of the observation form (PDF file) in your email. The original observation can be found in Quentic App Portal. 

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