1.1 How to use the mobile app

Quentic App is a mobile first safety solution. It means that you are able to fill in the information with our mobile solution right on the field.  


Where can you find Quentic App?

You can download our native applications for iOS and Android devices. Just visit Play or App Store and download it there.

If you have some other device, open the web browser and visit app.quentic.com. You have access to our mobile app from there as well. Log in with your credentials. Add the browser's tab to home screen, and you have an easy access to Quentic App reporting via this link.



How to log in?

You log in to the mobile app with the same credentials as to our portal. You don’t have to logout every time you stop using the app, just close it and the application will remember you.

First time you access the native app, you have to select the site you want to attach the observations to. When you open our Quentic App, you see all the forms that you have access to. Your user group rights define the features you are able to see and use.



Menus in the native application

Forms. When you sign in to the mobile app, the first thing you see are the forms you have access to.

In Progress. There are three different options in this category. All of your unfinished but saved forms appear here. Yuo are able to open them, finish the observation/audit etc. and send it forward to Quentic App Portal. Also forms that are either assigned to you or waiting for you to sign them, can be found here. 

Documents can be downloaded to Quentic App via Quentic App portal. From the app you can browse and read those documents, e.g. safety instructions, that are attached and available to the certain domain, branch or site.

Messages can be sent from the portal and seen in the app as domain messages. These messages aren't personal messages.

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