Create and manage user groups

User groups simplify the management of several individual users within your organisation. Create user groups and add your users to their respective group. Each user can belong to one group at a time. User groups make admin's work easier: you can assign permissions at the group level and know that every person in the group will receive the same permissions and templates.


How to create a new user group?

You can create a new user group in "Administration" -> "User groups". Click the "+New user group" button to add a new group.



At first you have to name the group and write a short description of it. Give the user group necessary administrative and portal permissions. Tiny blue round will guide you to choose the appropriate permissions. 

Feature permissions combines forms with user group level permissions (read, create and edit). Tick desired forms and add wanted permissions for users in that group.

Users can be added to the user group here. User can belong only to one user group. If you add existing users to a new user group, they will be automatically removed from their previous group.


Remember to save the changes before leaving this page!



How to manage an existing user group?

You can create a new user group in "Administration" -> "User groups". Click the yellow pen button behind the user group's name to edit an existing group. 



How to delete a user group?

Delete a user group by going to "Administration" -> "User groups". Click the red trash bin button behind the user group's name to delete the group. 


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