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There are times when you need to share site or project specific information just to workers on that site. Those documents can include working instructions, safety rules and so on. With Quentic App Portal you can do that easily! How to do it?

First, open the "Documents" menu in portal. Start writing the name of the site or project (or other part of your organisation) where you want to add the documents. System will suggest you items that matches with your text. Just choose the target you want.

You are able to sort the documents you want to add into folders and subfolders. You can reorganise the structure, move the documents from folder to another and also rename the folders and documents. 



After saving your work, documents are visible to the users who have permission to that site.


Tips & Tricks 1.If you can't remember the exact name of the site or project, you can go to "Management" > "Domains" to see the correct name. On your left hand side you find the domain tree and by opening the branches you will eventually find the target you are looking for. Just click on that item and it will open to the right. You are now able to copy (Ctrl + c) the name the way it actually is written.


Then go back to "Documents" and paste the copied name to the "Site" field.

Tips & Tricks 2. Open two tabs for this. It is faster to switch between two tabs to find the correct page than surf around Quentic App Portal. And in case you might need to copy another site's name, you will find the domain tree easily on the other, already opened tab. 



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