How to create a public form and link to it?

If you want to activate people in your organisation and around it to report on incidents, Quentic App can help you with this. Even those ones, who don't have access to Quentic App, are able to report the incidents with Quentic App. You just have to create a public form and link to it. 

Creating a public incident reporting form and link to it is very easy. Go to "Management" > "Domain" and choose the branch or site you want to report the incidents. 


 icon means that the branch is a non-reporting site. 

 icon indicates that this is an reporting project.

When you have found the site you want to address the public reporting form, seek from the right hand-side the "Public form links" and pick from the drop down list the form you want to make a public version. 

If the link to the form you want to use doesn't already exist, just create a new one by pressing the button "Add link". The latest link will appear lowest on the list.

Observation_link.JPGWhen there is this icon next to the link, it inherits its properties from the upper lever of the domain tree. This means that the person who reports the incident by using the public link, has to choose the correct site from a drop down list. If you want to avoid this, you need to scroll down to the exact site where you want the incidents reported, and add link to that site. There won't be any arrows in sight next to the link.

You can share the public form link to those whom you want to use it. It can be done via email, intranet, sms and so on. You can use QR-codes or shortened URL. QR codes are formed automatically in Quentic App Portal. 

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