Create a new project or reporting site


How to create new project or reporting site to Quentic App Portal?

1. You can set up sites and projects by going to Management -> Domains

2. Click "+Create" and start creating a new project or site. 


3. Fill in at least the following fields:

  1.   Name: Follow the rules your organisation uses when naming domains, sites and projects. Name should be something that users of Quentic App in your organisation can recognise easily.
  2.  Reporting site: Choose whether the domain is a reporting site or not. The reporting site choice defines if this new domain is just a branch in your organisation or an actual site/project where users should be able to report. 

         No indicates that the domain is a branch in your organisation and users can't report to that          specific domain.  -icon will appear in the domain tree. 

         Choose Yes, if you want to associate a site with reporting. The added domain is a real site
         or a project and the organisation structure won’t continue further. Reporting sites will be
         shown in the domain branch with  -icon.

       Notice! It's not possible to change the domain type afterwards.

     3.  Location's responsibility party: Choose the person responsible for that branch or site
          from the drop-down list. 


You can fill all the other fields too so that you describe the branch or site more specific. We suggest you to set the coordinates at least for the reporting sites.

After you've created the project, it is time to make your first observations!



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