1.2.2 Assign the tasks

What is a task?

By task we mean an independent notice or comment that usually needs to be taken care of. It is part of an observation and can be made, assigned and scheduled to a person or persons responsible for that specific task.

How to assign a task?

You can assign all the comments you make on your report  on the field. When creating a new comment you can choose the correct responsibility party and give a deadline when the task needs to be completed. You will use email address to assign the task. And the recipient doesn’t have to have a user license to Quentic App to be able to receive this information and also to comment back and close the task.

While assigning a task you need to know the assignee's email address. Write it to the email field and also confirm it by clicking on it. System will learn and remember the used email addresses.

Follow up

You can follow up all the assigned tasks from Quentic App Portal. You are able to see which tasks are late, closed late and those completed on time. Also all open tasks are visible.


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