Add new users

To add more users go to the Users page in portal and click “+ New user”. On the opening page you can create the new user and add the needed information.



User name: User name needs to be in email-format. It doesn't refer to any actual email, so the address can be some imaginary one. It just needs to be in email format.  

Name: Add user's first and last names to suitable fields.

Email: Add a correct, actual email address to this field. 

Sites: Click the yellow "Edit" button and select the needed branches and sites from the domain tree. 

User group: Choose the correct user group for this particular user.

Language: English is the default setting. Other alternative at the moment is Finnish.

You can also set the culture, time zone and status to each user.

And that’s all!

User will receive an activation email automatically. She/he needs to set the password before entering the system for the first time.


Remember to purchase a new seat before adding new user, if you have already used all your free seats.

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