Collaboration and shared sites


It is possible to share domains and reporting sites to other organisations in Quentic App Portal.


If you want to share your domain or sites to your partner, you need to ask the collaborating organisation to send you their account's Identification key.

Case A. Get access to your collaborative partner's sites:

If you need to get access to the sites that exist in your business partner's account, you need to share your account's activation key with that partner. Identification key can be generated in portal: "Management" > "Domains". Click the "Create identification key" button to receive a code that you can share with your partner organisation. Your partner will activate the site and form sharing (= collaboration) with that code. 





Case B. Give access to your collaborative partner to your sites: Activate a new collaboration

In order to give access to you selected sites and forms you need to ask you partner organisation to share their Identification key with you. Once you have received it, follow these instructions: 

In "Management" tab, open the "Collaborations". 



Click "Activate new collaboration" button. Paste the partner organisation's Identification key and press "Activate collaboration".



Choose which sites and forms you want to share with that partner organisation. Then save.

New collaboration is established now.




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